Maksim Ušakov 28. June 1981 (38), Viljandi, Estonia Was online more than one month ago
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  • The aim of my registration on this site is friendship
  • Interested in girls
  • I speak estonianrussian.
  • I have one child.
  • 165 cm
  • I smoke.
  • My religion is orthodox.
  • 19.01.2018
  • Response rate: very low
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  • Your role in your social circle Find out what role is assigned to you among friends and acquaintances
    • People are always drawned to you and it seems like the most interesting things are happening around you. Others think that being the soul of the company - it is a natural talent, quality which you just need to accept. It is actually simple- you are very communicative and you always find something to talk about even with strangers. You quickly find common topic of conversation with everyone.
  • Level of self-criticism Find out how critical are you about yourself
    • Your level of self-criticism is very low, so feelings such as shyness and inner discomfort are unfamiliar to you. And true it is- you make big efforts to feel confident. If anyone dares to make a remark to you, you do not take it as constructive criticism and immediately try to insult the offender. There may be people who aren´t a fans of your excessive narcissism but you don´t care about this and you choose to be in a circle of those people who praise you enough.
  • For what do you like to devote your time? Check out what gives your a real pleasure
    • You always travel with pleasure and devote yourself to this occupation. You like to see new things, new culture, meet interesting people, just relax and enjoy yourself. You can not understand people who consume their time, for such things as shopping, because it does not make you smarter or does not help you to relax. New experiences energize you , and you are constantly striving to find the opportunity and time to travel. Thereby further!
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