Juhan 16. April 1994 (25), Tallinn, Estonia Was online about a month ago
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  • The aim of my registration on this site is flirt
  • Interested in girls aged from 19
  • I speak estonian.
  • I have no kids.
  • 192 cm
  • I smoke.
  • My religion is spiritual, but not religious.
  • 12.02.2020
  • Response rate: very low
About me

Tinder on igav, Flirtic is the real deal. Hindan ausalt ja õiglaselt. ❤ Kui ei jõua kohale miks küll 1-2 said. Küsi julgelt. Otsin flirti ja olen mitme naisepidaja. Rahaboss aga pilduma seda lambist ei hakka. Begone golddiggers. PS: kui 7/10 saad siis võid mulle pmst kohe näkku istuda.

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