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  • 5 Simple Steps to Impress a Girl
    November 12, 2012

    1.  Speak LOUD!

    -Loud is a sign that you are at ease with your environment.  It shows that you are comfortable talking to her, and have talked to other girls just as cute as she is, making her feel more attracted.

    2.  Take up Space.

    -Get big.  Have a presence.  Create an aura.  The more physical space you can take up both as you talk and seated, the more it conveys that you are not insecure about your surroundings, a very attractive trait.

    3.  Maintain Eye Contact.

    -One of the first thing a girl looks at when trying to determine if you are a high value attractive man is how much you are able to maintain eye contact as you talk to her.  Hold it strong, even when you feel uncomfortable, get used to holding.

    4.  Have FUN!

    -Stress is an indicator that your life is not handled.  The most high value attractive guys have their sh*t together and feel at ease in the world.  They can have fun because they have little to worry about.

    5.  Convey your Intent.

    -Most guys are afraid to show that they actually like the girl, but if you can authentically show that you like her, and are willing to be vulnerable, it conveys MASSIVE value.

    Source: Brad Branson Dating Advice