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  • Honestly, there are too many cliché ways of going on dates. Most of the “amazing” dates don’t seem that “amazing” anymore, because it’s either the story of one of our friends or we’ve seen it in the movies. It feels like it’s all been done already, and it just gets more and more difficult to really impress someone. We’ve come up with a few very simple moves, that will take your date by surprise :)

    • Put 2 foldable chairs in the trunk of your car, get a bottle of champagne and 2 glasses, make a little champagne-picnic in the most unexpected place. For example, stop on the side of a roundabout, take out the chairs and drinks and enjoy the crazy, very surprising turn of events as cars speed past you. You can be sure - your date will never forget this! 
    • At a random time, random hour, call her to say you are in front of her house (doesn’t matter, if it is a house or an apartment building). Set up a foldable table, tie a lot of balloons to the table legs, serve a snack and some bubbly & ask her to come outside. Trust, she’ll be love-shocked to arrive to a stand-up, unexpected date right on the street! 
    • Show up at her work with a picnic basket. Have an amazing lunch right at her workdesk. And you can be sure, all of her collegues will admire you as the perfect boyfriend! Don’t shy away from extra entertainment, for example magic tricks (don’t worry if you actually can’t perform them - it’s the thought that counts, and she will totally love it). 

    Do you have any extraordinary ways of wooing your dates? We’d love to hear about them. 

  • Somewhere, somehow, some of us at one point may get or have gotten stalked, right? No worries. There are a few ways to fix that by making it fun for you but super creepy for them! :) 

    1. When you see them on the public transport, slip some disgusting teeth in your mouth from the gag shop. Now look at your stalker, give them a huge smile and keep staring at them until they turn away. 
    2. Women, let your stalker know you have a penis. Men, let your stalker know you have a vagina
    3. Give in to their attempts of contacting you. Tell them you’re happy you guys connected, because your 300 pound brother, who just got out of prison, is looking for someone to make love to and will not take no for an answer!

    If you do all these things and your stalker still won’t leave you alone, it’s probably time to go ahead and find a 300 pound ex convict, send him to their door to tell them: “I’m going to have sex with you, whether you like it or not!”

    Do you have any tips of your own that will make that weirdo run for their life?

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