Nega Nega
NEGA (formerly known as ネガ) was a band that formed in late 2004, officially starting activities in 2005. In September 2010 the band went on a hiatus, which ended in 2011. During this, the band members performed as PERESTROIKA. Vocal: 儿 (Jin)
Guitar: 餐~san~ (SAN, ex FESTER, 「13」)
Bass: Ray (ex アウティズム, Aliene Maφriage, vinett, MIL)
Drums: 優 (Yuu, ex DHIANA) Ex-member(s):
Guitar: 弘揮 (hiroki; →FESTERネガ→)
Support Guitar: まさひろ (masahiro; →叶う...NEVER CRAZYネガケリィ)
Support Guitar: 之 (kore; →アギトHI
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